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Hi I am back and glad you came to see what I am doing

 I am back in motion. I am in the process of working on  new tour. 

This poem is called (Broken Wings)

I am now living in Hawaii and have been here for five years now. I am now back here on my web site after being off for a long time and I will be up dating more and more very soon.


Like a rock, falling faster and faster, the force of gravity reaches out it's arms, and only a second later, someone lies upon the ground, skin ripped open, bones broken, all that was, is now only shattered pieces, that must some how, be picked up and put back together, when broken wings mend, change must follow, tears dry up and vision becomes clear, feet once again find themselves planted on solid ground, and taking flight now longer seems, just a childs fantasy step by step, forward motion is made, and fear leaves, finding no place in the heart, when broken wings mend, one must consider flying again, the hand of determination, can be used to brush off the dust of stagnation, the waters of pateints, can be used to wash away the dirt and grime of desires, to give up, give in, and quit, when broken wings mend, we can begin to understand what it is to become and old man or an old woman, and still be striving for perfection, having fallen from the skies that call life many times, we can begin to comprehend, what is ment, having heard the wise say, when broken wings mend, one must consider flying again

For those who realy want to know you can call me at 808-238-1413